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SLR – See the photos you Love to Remember…

One of the nicest ways to get appreciation is from the people who enjoy looking at them 🙂 The great thing of blog awards is that they are nominations/suggestions for bloggers/blogs by other bloggers. Basically they say: hey, I really like what you’re doing! Keep it up!

So, as for every award, here is my ‘collection’ of random facts and, most importantly, my pay-it-forwards!

1. Cupcakes make a legitimate breakfast, especially on Birthdays!

2. Sometimes I wish that fairy tales would be real. I think I’d make an awesome princess. And what about having a pet dragon!?

3. I’m always annoyed that the handrail of the escalator moves faster than the rest… Arm! Where are you going!?

4. Flowers. I always try to have flowers in my home. They smell nice, look colourful and are a constant reminder of spring and summer (my favourite seasons).

5. I really like to cook, especially vegetarian food. I’m just not good enough a cook, or dedicated enough, to start an actual cooking blog!

6. I would love to go sky-diving once.

7. I’m afraid of balloons. They pop. ‘Nuf said (go ahead, I can’t hear you laugh anyway).

8. Warm fruit is yucky. It just goes mushy – mushy bad. Luke warm apple pie is as far as it will ever go for me.

9. I secretly wish I could play the guitar and speak Italian fluently, but unfortunately I am not too gifted in the musical or linguistics area.

10. I. Don’t. Like. Cats. Period (sorry to any cat-loving readers, they just don’t do it for me – it’s nothing personal to the cat).

And now my recommendations. It’s a broad selection of blogs that have already proven to be succesful – I like to get inspired that way – and newbies – as it’s always good to give the spotlight to someone who has just started something great.

Main topics appear to be food, photography and travelling (or combining all of the above)… I guess that also says something about me 😉

Linda Wisdom Photography: I have been following her already for a while. She mainly roams through London, a city that I love, and mainly shoots in black and white – which I love too.

La Bonne Bouche: not only because Emilia is one of my closest friends, but mainly because her blog is lovely. Nice dishes – ranging from easy, quick dinners, to elaborate macaron recipes (haven’t dared those yet, I prefer her to make them for me ;)) paired with beautiful photos that make your mouth water.

Girl in a Food Frenzy: another food blog (what can I say: I love food). What I like most about her blog is the way it’s organised: at first glance you see nothing but one yummy dish photo after another (I believe the best way to judge food is by the way it looks), as the recipes are nicely posted elsewhere!

The Wanderlust Gene: To wander or not to wander… If you don’t have time/money, wander along with TWG. Nice stories and photos to match.

David duChemin: World and humanitarian photographer. I simply love his cheap, beautiful and informative e-books on photography.

Pure Vegetarian by Laksmi: I like vegetarian food, and though the title suggests otherwise, Laksmi manages to deliver both yummy recipes (try the fried okra or artisan pie, delish!) with wonderful photos all the way from Finland.

Down South Jersey: There is more to New Jersey than The Shore. Jennifer shows you the other side of NJ – completely Guido and Guidette-free, guaranteed!

Couple of Cameras: The idea of a couple, separated by an entire continent, to start a blog together is just… lovely!

Conserving Quirky: Maybe it’s quirky, but I like quirky. Otherwise just have a peek inside her head – whether it is photos, doodles, thoughts or music.

La Tartine Gourmande: Canadian food blog combined with gorgeous photos. I recently managed to get my hands on Beatrice’s first book. Who said blogging can’t make you a living!? 😉 The beetroot millefeuille and saffron-flavoured vegetable pot are yummy!

Lynda with a Y Crawford: A wide range of topics is brought to you by Lynda. Whether it is a detailed description of what-(not)-to-wear-to-the-office, to a snap-a-day, giving you a glimpse of her daily life.

Life, Photography & Other Mistakes: I simply enjoy looking at the lovely photos posted by John. Another source of inspiration.

Steph in Transit: Photography + travelling = eye candy. Follow Steph during her wanderlust! It is going on holiday… without having to take a single step out of the door.

Incito Photography: ‘To excite, to inspire’. Sarah’s blog shows beautiful photos from all aspects of life.

Maria Stavang Photography: Ok, with a bit of effort I can make some sense of Norwegian, but I mainly love this blog for its wonderful photos taken by (photography student?) Maria.

Mel Mann Photography: Nice blog discussing the art, technique and ‘feeling’ behind photography. Very insightful!

Shoot About: What do you get when you combine a Walk About with photography? A Shoot About! Arley structures his shoot about results with useful tutorials to improve your own art.

Versatile Blogger Award

I received my first award from Lynda with a Y Crawford *yay*. Her blog is so versatile that anybody will find something to their fancy! Whether it is a delish receipe or a Photo a Day.

Kreativ Blogger Award

Quickly after the Versatile Blogger Award I received the Kreativ Blogger Award from Jennifer from Down Home South Jersey – the place to stay updated on nice food and the latest happenings in (Southern) New Jersey!

Elisa from Autumn in Bruges was so kind to recommend me for the One Lovely Blog Award. When in need for some photographic inspiration on any topic, visit Elisa and you will be served!


A big thanks to Mark Milan for the Reader Appreciation Award. Check out his blog for photos about… well… everything!

 liebster-award liebster

I was granted the Liebster Award – vielen dank – from Life.Love.Laugh and Naph from Picture This My Way. Thanks ladies!

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  1. I just nominated you for the liebster award again! 🙂 No worries I didn’t realize you already had one but feel free to do it again:

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