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Weekly Photo Challenge: Symbol

© See Love Remember, 2012-2015

© See Love Remember, 2012-2015

Some (most?) might wonder: how can a Lego figurine be a symbol?

As a child, I always played with Lego. For hours. Once a year, me and my dad would spend a week or so to build every single item I had. Digging through the box filled with brinks, looking for that special one I would need. And then my Lego village would spend another week or so on the living room table. On display, like a piece of art 🙂

Though I loved my Lego just as much as I loved my Barbie dolls, at heart I’m more of a nerd than a damsel…

So last year, I was absolutely over the moon when finally(!) Lego Research Institute came out. Not with Barbie-like girls playing with ponies, but cool chicks doing science-y stuff!

To me, female Lego scientists, in realistic environments (I’m a girl, but I don’t have a pink house, and I only wish I had a pony) are a symbol that maybe, just maybe, we can finally do something to change the stereotyping that society is so full of.

It’s a symbol that women can do science, and some of us even like it 😉

(because no, not all of us have the Resting Bitch Face that these Lego figurines seem to have for some reason… or maybe that’s just my pack)

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