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Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

© See Love Remember, 2012-2013

© See Love Remember, 2012-2013

Honestly, in my opinion there is nothing grander than the world we live in. The Earth. The universe. The core of our existence.

I took this photo over 8 years ago, during a visit to the Swiss Alps.

When you think of rocks, you most likely think of something brittle, breakable. When in fact rocks can be moldable, like warm chocolate.

See the dark horizontal line in the mountain range? It is not a road, or some other man-made artefact.

It is the Glarus Thrust.

It is the plane across which the African continent has slid over Europe, some 40 million years ago, when the two met head-on and the Alps were shaped.

At the time, the Glarus Thrust was kilometres deep beneath the Earth subsurface and Africa slowly moved forward at only a few centimetres per year. But, patience is a virtue and with time Africa managed to move a distance of over 40 km over the European continent.

Nowadays you can find remnants of ancient ocean floor in the high mountains of the Alps. All because Europe and Africa decided to butt heads…

Ain’t the world grand…?

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