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Barbie Mobile

© See Love Remember, 2012-2013

© See Love Remember, 2012-2013

Now Holland is bathing in summery weather, my mind keeps drifting to summer holidays.

While sitting in my office, I sometimes take a few minutes to imagine visiting Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia… ahhh… the Maldives – if only!

Or I go over a few of the photos from India that I have on my iPad. Did you know it is proven that you can make yourself feel happier by looking at old photos of things that you have good memories of? See. Love. Remember indeed!

I don’t know why my daydreaming always takes me to Asia. It’s a continent that has this unexplained appeal to me…

One of the photos that never fails to make me smile is this one of a bright pink Padmini. I like the contrast with the blue and yellow. And the idea of driving around in this Barbie Mobile seems awesome, as the Padmini is simply adorable.

I remember taking the picture was also a lot of fun!

At the time I had my ultra-wide angle lens attached to my camera, so I used it at 15 mm. When I bought the lens I had already done some research on how best to use it. Actually I had expected to be able to just ‘squeeze more’ into the frame (which I can by the way, but usually it doesn’t look nicer), but instead it was suggested to use the lens as a way to get closer.

So here I saw this supercute tiny pink car. And I went all up close, on my knees, bending down, almost being head on with the bumper. You wouldn’t say now, would you!? But I think it worked! It seems to make the car actually appear bigger than it was…

I must have looked ridiculous though… silly tourists 😉

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8 thoughts on “Barbie Mobile

  1. great you found one – much disappeared these days

    recall taking lots of ride in this back in the 1980s in Bombay 🙂

    • I have tried several in South Mumbai as well! 🙂 I think they are awesome, especially with the multi-coloured interiors.

      This pink one was actually parked in Cochin, Kerala. I didn’t see that many Padminis there, but we did see a few Ambassadors on the road instead.

      • oh forgot to add, after a gap of almost 30 years, took a Padmini from Mumbai airport 3 years ago and it felt so funny when I settled inside – bumped my head on the roof, made me wonder how small I would have been and of course, not having ride other makes in the world then :). Also, it felt like sitting inside an empty steel box 🙂

        I don’t find them here in Chennai, unless when I watch vintage Tamil films…

        Recall reading somewhere recently that Amby was voted in London or somewhere as the best transport make in the world ….funny !!

        speaking of cars, strangely, just posted on FB, an interesting commercial that I just watched for TATA’s Nano… 🙂


      • It does feel a bit like a soap box on wheels, doesn’t it 🙂 but to me that’s part of the charm. It also reminds me of the German Trabant – long gone now – which looks very similar.

        I remember seeing lots of TATA vehicles too. Even a Nano here and there! They looked funny, a bit like a Smart. Actually, come to think of it, I noticed that TATA makes a lot of products. It almost seemed like they ruled the country 🙂

        Thanks for stopping by Anantha,

      • I hear about the ‘charm’ aspect. If I’m not mistaken Trabant ran in E’Germany for long, doesn’t it ?

        Yes, TATA is relatively a reliable brand name and they do well.

        Well, right after reading your Padmini post, stumbled upon this car commercial I told you in my first comment this morning –

        kinda liked it though car isn’t necessarily my cupatea

        Enjoy, Suze !

      • Yes, the Trabi was a sturdy East-German car. You can still rent one in places like Berlin, as a fun way to take a city tour.

        The TATA ad is funny 🙂 At 1.5 lakhs rupees I can see why it is so popular! Perhaps you can equally enjoy this ad for a European mini – the Fiat 500
        My Italian friend was less amused, but it made my morning 😉

      • made my day too….very funny….those typical ‘passionate’ Italians :0….hope ur friend doesn’t mind

        yep, TATA started out with 1 lakh…but with inflation, it’s up now…

        until ur next ‘evoking’ post,

        Good day ! 🙂

        p.s. when time permits, do visit mine…though not sure if the topics are of interest……

  2. kaniths on said:

    🙂 (saw..loved..remembered!)

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