SLR – See Love Remember


© See Love Remember, 2012-2013

© See Love Remember, 2012-2013

What’s your name?“, the little girl asked in perfect English.

Ente peru Suzi!“, – my name is Suzi 🙂 – I answered proudly (oh yeah, I was milking my Malayalam vocabulary till it was bone-dry)

She cocked her head and her eyes got larger. “You speak Malayalam!?“, she asked surprised.

… Well… Yes… A little bit.” I showed her how much by keeping my thumb and index finger about half an inch apart. It did make my previous display of knowledge a lot less impressive, I think. So before I got to demonstrate the random selection of words I still had up my sleeve, she ran off with her little brother.

And we got into our little canoe to peddle around the smaller canals separating the islands of the backwaters…

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5 thoughts on “Across

  1. The Shot looks more like a Painting than a Snap..:-)…. Dont worry , u will get to Flaunt ur Linguistic skills and impress them, some other time…

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