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© See Love Remember, 2012-2013

© See Love Remember, 2012-2013

Today is a special day in the Netherlands! 🙂

April 30th: Queensday.

Every year, Queensday is quite a happening here. Though Dutch people like to complain about the costs that the Royal House of Orange-Nassau brings to the country, we love them nonetheless, which is expressed by dressing the entire country in orange on the day.

And today is extra special as it’s not just any ordinary Queensday: it’s the last Queensday we will have in a very long time…

Today, after 33 years, our Queen Beatrix will say goodbye and we will welcome her son King Alexander and his Queen Maxima.

Two thousand guests have gathered to witness the new King being sworn in at the Nieuwe Kerk – the New Church. Over 1500 journalists have come to Amsterdam to report the happening – even Bhutan has send one! (apparently the majority of Bhutanese/non-Bhutanese marriages are to Dutch people… who knew!?)

So today we will say: Thank you, Beatrix! Hail to the King!

And as of next year… next year we will celebrate Kingsday, on April 27th.

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