SLR – See Love Remember


© See Love Remember, 2012-2013

© See Love Remember, 2012-2013

Rolling blankets of emerald-green.

Hill, after hill, after hill.

The fresh smell of tea leaves.

Nothing is as peaceful as walking across a tea plantation just before sundown…

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12 thoughts on “Tea

  1. ,,, except perhaps in the dewey morning! Gorgeous shot – tea country’s something else, eh?

    • Oh yes! Slightly foggy… You can feel the world warming up again after the night. The tea plantations of Munnar were definitely my favourite place I visited. It was a pity we couldn’t stay longer. Oh well, that’s a reason to come back again! 😉

  2. very nice shot….
    am From Kerala…
    I likes Your experiances in Munnar and loves Tea Plantations

  3. I Expect more beautiful posts from you dear SLR…
    very lovely sweet heart…..I LOVE YOU A LOT…

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