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© See Love Remember, 2012-2013

© See Love Remember, 2012-2013

Driving around Mumbai feels like trying to execute a death wish 😉

I have no idea how people can drive only inches apart from each other, at high speed, honking non-stop, without causing an accident (well, nearly no accidents… that I’ve seen).

Either way, though the Mumbai traffic was absolute madness, my favourite way to go around was by this little taxi: the Premier Padmini – isn’t that a cute name Padmini, I like it!

I actually mistook it for the good old East German Trabi… but obviously it looks completely different… if you look really, really well – I’m a woman, ask me about Barbie, not cars :).

These cute soapboxes-on-wheels are colourfully decorated on the inside. Flowery ceilings. Leopard seats. Pink. Yellow. Blue. You name it, someone has it.

A car to make you happy 🙂

Just flag one down.

And off you go into the craziness: tuuttuut… beepbeep

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5 thoughts on “MH-03-AT-1997

  1. yes indeed, such ‘traffic’ goes with almost any city here in india. As you rightly said, hardly accidents for such chaos, will almost seem like a miracle – guess, expert navigators !!

    • I definitely agree on the expert navigators! Sitting in the passenger seat I noticed that my friend was able to keep an eye on the traffic, read the signs (so many signs on the road side, I found it hard to find directions!), and talk to me – all at the same time 🙂 Over 1400 km and not even a scratch!

  2. Really nice…
    i don’t know to drive any vehicles yet..
    but i always enjoy travelling…
    i have own a “Mistubushi Pajero”..
    My native place is Fort Kochin,Kerala…
    Kochi is a very lovely place in the world…i made daily many trips to capture the hidden beauty of Fort Kochin…
    i like your Experience in Mumbai….
    i also made journey through Mumbai Streets…
    They are very Beautiful…

    • I have my driving license already for over a decade and made quite some kilometers through Europe, but I am sure I would have caused an accident in Mumbai within a few minutes! The driving style is very different from here. So I was very lucky to have a friend drive me around 🙂

      • That’s nice friend….
        I have no licence…
        So..i don’t like to drive…i have a driver….he takes me through all parts of Kerala….

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