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Gateway of India

© See Love Remember, 2012-2013

© See Love Remember, 2012-2013

The Gateway of India, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Flying into Mumbai at night is quite a sight. The city seems almost organic, like a beating heart. Flowing, golden ribbons show the aortas of the city, the main roads. In between, the areas are dotted with silvery sparkles. Pulsing in the dark.

Flying into Mumbai during the day is quite a different sight. High-rises as far as the eye can see. And in between, large areas filled with small, dark squares – the roofs of slum houses. The world’s most expensive home only a stone-throw away from one of the largest slums in the world.

Mumbai turned out to be truly a city of razor-sharp contrasts…

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3 thoughts on “Gateway of India

  1. Wonderful shot! The black and white tones really add to the beauty of this picture:)

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