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Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

© See Love Remember, 2012

© See Love Remember, 2012

A delicate sheet of gold atop a tiny black candle.

In Thailand, the burning of thong kham – gold paper – is believed to give you good luck in times of need.

I think we need some luck.

For this week’s challenge I wanted to put a happy photo. Of tiny baby fingers and toes. Of a beautifully wrought piece of art. Of delicately entwined branches…

But I found no happiness.

I find myself very distraught, especially after a delicate conversation I had several days ago, about society and respect.

Ever since then, I can’t stop contemplating the disdain some people feel towards the society they live in. They seem to be increasing in number, at a frightening rapid speed.

It frightens me… Afterall, if we no longer respect the society we are all part of, what will that leave us with…?

It leaves us shocked.

When we read about teenagers kicking a man to death simply because they felt he had judged their football game unfairly. What went through their minds, thinking they apparently had the right to do so? Even more frightening is the response of these kids’ peers: “This will be investigated and it will all be alright again…”

How will this be ‘alright’ again?

We discuss about mandatory self-defense classes for volunteers and public service personnel. How punishment should be more severe. How this should be solved…

We walk in the dark, bearing candles to show us the way.

A week later we do the same for beached whale Johannes that died, as whales often do when they wash up on shore. Some scream that not enough was done to save his life. That he was murdered, by insufficient action of the people who tried to rescue him. What goes on in our minds that we are so angered by not enough action to rescue a whale, yet we hear nobody about how it was not possible to rescue a man being kicked to death?

We walk in the dark…

Again we weep. When we lose those that still had a whole life in front of them. Those delicate, little lives, gone too soon, because…

… We don’t even know why…

We continue to discuss: less liberal gun laws, more liberal gun laws. Guns for teachers…

We are lost.

Alone, in the dark…

We don’t seem to know how to solve this…

We may not be able to come up with enough laws to stop this from happening again and again.

Maybe instead we should ask ourselves what has crept into the minds of people, what we have allowed to happen, that we seem to have created a false sense of entitlement. Making us feel that we should get what we want, when we want it, and if not… then there will be hell to pay, as it is our right to receive it.

We have created this permissive society, where everyone is allowed to do almost anything they wish and desire, at continuing lower levels of accountability.

And now. Now we look over our shoulder, afraid of what may come at us.

Constricting ourselves by more rules and regulations may not be an ideal solution, or a solution at all, but how will we change society’s current values and morals?

I honestly have no idea…

All I have is 24 more of these Good Luck Candles to burn…

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

  1. Nice shot, Suze! Not easy 😉

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