SLR – See Love Remember


ยฉ See Love Remember, 2012

Sinter Mertens veugelke
haet een roed-wit keugelke
haet een blauw stertje
Danke Sinter Merten

Yesterday was St. Martin’s Day.

From the part of the Netherlands where I’m from it is celebrated with lights – mainly paper lanterns carried by children.

I remember going from door to door with my lantern, singing this old song – in our local dialect, hence the strange wording – and in return I would receive candy. Kinda like trick-and-treating, but without the costumes!

The story of St. Martin is about a Roman soldier, who became a Christian. One of the things that is celebrated during this day is the moment where he cuts his cloak in half to share it with a beggar, preventing him from dying of cold.

That is why ‘my St. Martin’s Day’ always ended in a big bonfire – symbolic for the beggar warming himself.

… but I mainly cared for the candy, hot chocolate milk and oliebollen – Dutch Donuts, without the hole in the centre.

The 11th of November is also the start of Carnival – at 11.11 on 11/11 exactly, eleven being the number for fools and crazies – we like to party in the south ๐Ÿ˜‰

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4 thoughts on “Lights

  1. abhijeet on said:

    We have currently ‘Diwali’ the festival of lights going on in india!

  2. Love this post. Myself and several other artist exhibited our work in the town of Deventer. I fell in love with Holland. I am a big Ajax fan as well. It always nice to meet artists and writers from The Netherlands. Peace.

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