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F is for Flødeboller

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This post is part of Photos from A to Z.

The very first chocolate-covered marshmellow-puff treat was supposedly made in Denmark, in the early 1800s. This is the most typical one, coated in coconut flakes.

And I simply could not stop eating them, as they are so delicious!

Plus, they reminded me of similar sweets I loved to eat when I was young.

In the Netherlands, the Dutch variety of flødeboller are called Zoenen – Kisses. And whenever these were in the house… my mother better hide them well! Or else I would have kisses all over my face 🙂

They say that the Danish are the biggest consumers of flødeboller, with 45 per year per person… but by now I may have broken the record already 😉

PS. try these babies at Lagkagehuset in Christianshavn.

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