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The Choir Loft

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Walking through the Sagrada Familia was quite an interesting experience – one that somehow left me quite shaken up all afternoon.

It managed to move me in such a way that every so often I would simply feel a wave of emotion ripple through me – completely unexpected, from my toes, all the way up to my head. Don’t worry, I wasn’t crying my eyes out or anything like that 😉 I was just thoroughly… impressed… all the way to my core.

Besides the drums of tourists – like myself – one of the funniest parts to me was the presence of the workers.

Already as we walked past the outside of the cathedral, we saw the workers coming back from lunch break (?), checking in for their shift.

It was such a strange revelation to see work being done. It’s different from restoration works you sometimes see in old monuments. There is nothing to restore here… They are still building! Last time I visited I had seen workers finish some of the tower pinnacles in this same hall, and now they were actually put in place.

This man was cleaning the railing of the choir loft (notice the lack of straight lines again?). Had he just finished painting it, like one of his co-workers was doing? Was he preparing to add another layer of paint?

My Spanish doesn’t go much further than: Dos pepiños, por favor – somehow I had the distinct impression he wasn’t selling any cucumbers, so I had nothing else to ask 🙂

PS. apparently the choir can hold over 1000 singers… Can you imagine the resonance of their voices through the nave!? I definitely would like to be there to hear that once 🙂

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4 thoughts on “The Choir Loft

  1. What unusual, organic architecture! As if you are in a bee hive… or a forest. No wonder you felt that way.

  2. Wow,this is the first time I am seeing the details from inside…the railing is so well designed too! great photo…cheers!

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