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The straight line belongs to man. The curved line belongs to God

 – Antoni Gaudí –

Gaudí’s work is most well-known for the lack of straight lines and his organic style inspired by nature.

This is clearly seen in the eclectic outer appearance of his magnum opus , the Sagrada Familia. So many details are seen that it is dizzying at times.

The church has three façades: the unfinished Glory façade, the Nativity façade and the Passion façade, seen here.

All façades are designed with a different style, befitting of the theme of the façade. The Passion façade is designed by Joseph Maria Subirachs. The blocky style of the sculptures and the ‘boniness’ of the pillars was chosen to enhance the dramatic effect of the Passion of Christ, the suffering of Jesus during his crucifixion.

There will be four spires to each façade, leading to a total of 12 towers, representing the 12 apostles. In addition, four spires will be built to represent the four Evangelists, one for the Virgin Mary and the highest to represent Jesus Christ.

The pillars and the shape of the towers already show Gaudí’s characteristic building style: instead of using arches and other common architectural features, his work is based on geometrical shapes, like the hyperbolic paraboloid form seen in this façade.

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