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My little nail polish experiment of alternating Hot Pink and Turquoise got me the sweet nickname: Peacock.

So why not dedicate a post to them 😉

I like my Peacock nails!

Why choose when you don’t have to…

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3 thoughts on “Peacock

  1. I think there’s room for further development of the photographic idea perhaps – if the bangle and make-up could compliment the nail colours…….
    Some simple photoshop ‘painting’ would be the quick way of seeing whether the exercise would be worthwhile?

    • Hi Stephen,

      Thanks for stopping by and taking to effort to give me some feedback – it is always nice to hear what people think, besides ‘like’ 😉

      I did actually wear make-up when taking the photo. I tried to make a sort of peacock-feather look on my eye. Make-up wise it looked nice, but photographically it did not come across as I had in mind (unfortunately). Somehow the ‘colour’ version of the photo seemed to be not coherent enough – perhaps too many details fighting for attention?

      I tried simply bringing out the eye colour in the B&W, but that also distracted too much from the key point: the nails… So, in the end I opted for leaving it out all together.

      However, maybe in the (near) future I will revisit the idea again, as I still think my original thought could/should work – just need to give it another thought perhaps 🙂

      Thanks again for the suggestions!


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