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I like art.

Over the years my taste has not really changed, but I notice that I managed to add a few different flavours to the palate – so to speak.

Lately I seem to be fascinated by multi-dimensional objects – statues, architecture.

One particular style I like is called Art Nouveau – New Art. Or at least, that is what it is called in France. In Germany it is referred to as Jugendstil – Youth Style -, strongly influenced by the work of Alphonse Mucha. In Catalonia – Spain, though the Catalan may say Catalonia is not Spain 😉 – the equivalent is called Modernisme, made famous by the designs of Antoni Gaudí.

They all have in common that they draw from organic forms, references to plants or animals, and contain many curved lines and hardly any straight ones.

This metropolitain entrance is one of the last two édicules – kiosks -, designed by Hector Guimard, left in Paris. He designed two types of entrances to the metro, made out of cast iron and glass, based on plants.

The glass canopy resembles dragonfly wings, some say. References to floral patterns can be found on the panels. And the pillars holding up the canopy look like flower stems or trees, don’t they? Some entrances contain lights, illuminating the sign, shaped like a sprig of lily of the valley.

Maybe what attracts me most with this style of architecture is the way it brings nature back into urban areas… So we don’t forget the world is not made solely from concrete and bricks. That it is not shaped by rigid, straight lines, but that it curves and flows.

Soon, I hope to be able to enjoy the works of Gaudí again. I’m already excited to be able to revisit the Sagrada Familia – last time I saw it was over 10 years ago – and I definitely want to get tickets to (finally!) see Casa Battló from the inside.

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2 thoughts on “Metropolitain

  1. I am a big fan of Art Nouveau too.And i’m looking forward to seeing some photographs of Antonio Gaudi’s work…!!!this particular shot is superb.It has a classic feel to it.Cheers!

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