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I read somewhere that the Hopi people – one of the Native American tribes – call these arches rainbows.

Now, I don’t know if that is true, but it sounded kinda poetic to me and I liked the idea!

These rock arches were created when, over time, the vertical rock slabs that had formed slowly got eroded by wind and water.

On the left you see such a rainbow in the making – the top of the arch is already open. As erosion continues, it may collapse as the material at the base gets removed, but if it’s lucky it might just be strong enough to withstand the abuse of nature…

Just like its brother the Northern Window and its sister the Southern Window.

PS. I would like to thank Elisa from Autumn in Bruges for nominating my blog, with its ‘unusual and original photos’, for the One Lovely Blog Award. Please, visit Elisa’s blog if you need some creative inspiration yourself! You will find lovely photo’s on a whole range of topics – from food, to nature and travelling. And Elisa does not shy away from a good Photo Challenge every now and then 😉

You can find my selection for the OLBA here 🙂

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