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As I already mentioned, rocks are originally deposited horizontally, like a beautiful layer cake. However, they can also bend, break and fold – all changing their orientation.

You see, rocks are like chocolate bars. When chocolate is cold, it will break when you try to bend it. But if you just heat it up between your hands, just a little, and then try to bend very, very slowly, carefully. Then you will be able to shape it!

Ok, it might not be exactly like in nature and it probably takes a couple, or tens of, million of years longer, but you get the point.

The layers in this photo are of the same rock type as seen before. They appear vertical, don’t they?

When you look up close you will see that they are in fact still horizontal, but they have broken up along vertical joints, which have been caused by movement of underlying rock layers.

A bit like when you slowly try to bend a Mars bar – the soft nougat and caramel will flow, but the overlying harder chocolate will have to break to accommodate the movement.

… Geology goes well with food 🙂

I could also go on about how it affects the taste of wine… maybe some other time 😉

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