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The Principle of Original Horizontality.

Sediments are originally deposited horizontally – gravity is simple, really – or in specific cases at a slight angle, such as is the case for sand dunes, when an external force has some influence.

Canyonlands National Park is a school book example of this principle, especially after the Colorado River cut through the formations, exposing the underlying layers to the eye.

The photo was taken from Dead Horse Point.

It is unclear where the name originates from.

Some say it was named so as the point was used as a natural horse corral, being bordered by steep cliffs on three sides. Supposedly many horses died here due to dehydration and the intense heat – it was in fact over 100 degrees F (~40°C) when I was there.

Others say it was named after the white rock formation visible on the left bank of the river, as it has the shape of a dead horse lying on its side.

Either way, the view was beautiful!

Geology Heaven… 🙂

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