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The Spotted Wolf

© See Love Remember, 2012

A view of Spotted Wolf, as seen from Black Dragon Canyon – the eastern border of the San Rafael Swell.

The Interstate 70 runs right through Spotted Wolf – roughly midway through the photo.

It is said that originally the canyon at Spotted Wolf was so narrow that you could touch both walls when standing in the middle of it.

That was, until they blasted a four-lane highway through it…

The construction of the Interstate was quite a piece of engineering, and nowadays it requires mainly quite a bit of steering.

The Interstate has a slope of 6%, which is real a challenge for a fully loaded truck when coming down from Black Dragon to Spotted Wolf. Most drivers try to slow down their runaway trucks by driving up one of the special-made gravel truck-ramps. However, the last few miles of the run-down doesn’t have any…

While working along the highway, I have seen many a truck coming down with melting, smoking or even sparking brakes.

At one point a truck came to a screeching halt right next to our car – don’t hit the car, please! -, with the driver jumping out, extinguisher ready to put out his smoking brakes. After half an hour – giving his brakes a break – and a nice conversation, he was ready to continue his journey again 🙂

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