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T is for Tiger (and Cousin #3)

© See Love Remember, 2012

This post is part of Photos from A to Z.

The weather has gone down, which means I start dreaming of far-away places again!

Like during this jungle trek in the hills outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

We didn’t want to do the typical bus-load-of-tourists-visiting-the-‘locals’-ride-an-elephant-kind of thing. In the end, we found a guide who was willing to take us into the jungle by ourselves.

His name was Tiger (or at least his English name) and he brought along Cousin #3 (the right one) – I swear, he was called like that, Tiger was in fact Son #7.

Into the jungle we went. Drinking bamboo ‘tea’ – yummy! Showering underneath a waterfall.  Chatting over the camp fire before going to bed – no marshmallows though… Sleeping in a self-made construction of bamboo and banana leaves.

It was a great trip overall. With Tiger guiding us through the hills, all the while making us aware of edible potatoes and herbs along the way. And Cousin #3 cooking these in the eve for dinner.

That was Christmas at its best 🙂

(… leaving aside the part where I almost got myself killed – there will always be tiny details like that ;))

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