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Little People. Little Things

© See Love Remember, 2012

Do you remember the time when you still could fit on/into such tiny furniture…?

… And trains! You could justifiably play with trains and other toys 😉

I remember I used to play a lot with Barbie dolls – oh, how I loved those! Dress them, comb their hair and have them riding around in their Porsche.

And Lego. I played with that a lot too.

Once a year, I would rebuild all the Lego houses I had, according to their original building plan. It generally would take me a week or so. And my dad would always offer to help me.

I have always suspected that it was simply because it was a good excuse for him to play with Lego too 😉

What was your favourite toy when you were young?

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2 thoughts on “Little People. Little Things

  1. Oh trains! Soon I’ll play with baby toys again.
    I loved playing with my favourite doll, LEGOS and pencils.

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