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P is for Pebbles

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This post is part of Photos from A to Z.

For the past few days these photos have been running through my mind – I don’t know why. In fact, they are already quite old.

My camera found this adorable, little girl playing on the Angkor temple grounds – collecting pebbles to use with her rubber band.

I managed to shoot a few of her pictures, before she obviously made me 🙂

After that she ran off to sit with her grandfather.

And I walked after her. Not to stalk her. I wanted to give her something for her ‘effort’.

When you travel to Cambodia, it is generally advised to not give any money or sweets to the kids – the money is not spend on them and the sweets only rots their teeth as they don’t have toothbrushes etc.

Instead, they suggest to bring pens and notepads. So that’s what I did – loads.

And generally that resulted in smiling faces when the answer would be yes when asked: You have pen for me? Like kids in school? (followed by: I get my friends! And I would be ambushed my 20 street kids ;))

So I sat with her for a bit, drew a picture – a car, and some hearts and flowers. All the while with her grandfather staring me up and down, talking to me smilesmile Sorry sir, my Khmer is a little ‘rusty’ suor sdei – hello.

She seemed happy with her little present.

And off I went again, wherever my cam would take me…

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2 thoughts on “P is for Pebbles

  1. fell in love with cambodia after your pictures…dank je!!

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