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From Blogger, to Blogger – with Love

No photo today…

For a good reason!

Last week, I received a message that Lynda (with a y) from Lynda with a Y Crawford thinks I’m a Versatile Blogger! *yay*

And, as I was thinking very hard about how to properly acknowledge that, I received another message: apparently Jennifer from Down Home South Jersey sees me as a Kreativ Blogger! *another yay*

So, I want to thank both ladies very much for putting so much faith in my relatively new blog 🙂 Please, go and check out their blogs too – they offer everything from lovely photos to yummy recipes.

For those who are unfamiliar with either the VBA or KBA, they are nominations/suggestions for bloggers/blogs by other bloggers. Basically it says: hey, I really like what you’re doing! Keep it up!

Now I have two duties to fulfil for each award. First, I need to mention 7 random facts about myself. I have to admit that I’m gonna take a little short-cut on that one, by posting only 7 (instead of 14) – but as a bonus I will do it with photos! (ok, so I lied about the no-photo).

Here goes nothing!:

© SLR, 2012

1. I (not so) secretly lovelovelove macarons.

© SLR, 2012

2. Sometimes I wish that fairy tales would be real. I think I’d make an awesome princess. And what about having a pet dragon!

© SLR, 2012

3. Colours = fun → Colourful home = fun home!

© SLR, 2012

4. Flowers. I always try to have flowers in my home. They smell nice, look colourful and are a constant reminder of spring and summer (my favourite seasons).


© SLR, 2012

5. I really like to cook, especially vegetarian food. I’m just not good enough a cook, or dedicated enough, to start an actual cooking blog!

© SLR, 2012

6. I’m afraid of balloons. They pop. ‘Nuf said (go ahead, I can’t hear you laugh anyway).


© SLR, 2012

7. Warm fruit is yucky. It just goes mushy – mushy bad. Luke warm apple pie is as far as it will ever go for me.



And the second part is the more exciting one: I get the chance to put forward the blogs I like! (I will stick to 7 for each award for that ;)) Both Lynda and Jennifer have already put forward some very nice blogs, so I will take the liberty to not re-nominate some of those again. Though if you have time check out Nick Exposed by Nick Mayo or 366 Days of Photos by Clare, as I both like those too.

Here are my recommendations:

(yes, all photo blogs for this one)

Linda Wisdom Photography: I have been following her already for a while. She mainly roams through London, a city that I love, and mainly shoots in black and white – which I love too.

Flickr Comments: FrizzText not only daily posts his own (and sometimes his wife’s) wonderful photos, but also presents related photographs made by others, and gives the opportunity to add your own to his topics. Highly interactive blog!

(D)Ocular: It says – Award Free Zone – on this blog, so I will not call this an award, but a warm recommendation 🙂

SanVar Foto Fun: Lovely collection of photos, as well as a blog – whatever you fancy.

Frames & Focus: Lots of close-ups from nature in this one. Very colourful!

One Life, This Life: It’s always nice to just flick through a bunch of wonderful photos.

Broken Light Collective: I always see art and the creation of it as therapeutic – soothing. This blog presents beautiful photos by people affected by mental illness. Very nice images, and heartfelt stories.

(but I realise there is also life beyond the camera)

La Bonne Bouche: not only because Emilia is one of my closest friends, but mainly because her blog is lovely. Nice dishes – ranging from easy, quick dinners, to elaborate macaron recipes (haven’t dared those yet, I prefer her to make them for me ;)) combined with beautiful photos.

Girl in a Food Frenzy: another food blog (what can I say: I love food). What I like most about her blog is the way it’s organised: at first glance you see nothing but one yummy dish photo after another (I believe the best way to judge food is by the way it looks), as the recipes are nicely posted elsewhere!

Coconut & Vanilla: (one more food blog, I promise) Lena combines yummy recipes and lovely photos. Partly in German, but she kindly provides an English translation too. I’m gonna take her advice for macarons in Vienna.

Thoughts Appear: For your daily dose of fun 🙂 Thoughtsy has a thought (or two) on many topics – and is not afraid to share.

A Detailed House: I really like interior design, and love to get inspiration. On eof my favourite thing to do is look at other people’s interiors, for which this is a great place to start.

Doodle Café: André calls it a doodle cafe, but his creations are surely nothing like my doodles! Daily creativity can be found here.

The Wanderlust Gene: To wander or not to wander… If you don’t have time/money, wander along with TWG. Nice stories and photos to match.

That’s all I have to share.

Oh wait!

I will throw in a little bonus: Couple of Cameras. The blog is brand spanking new, but looks promising! I like the idea of two photographers, blogging together, yet living on two totally different continents.

Enjoy and thanks for reading 🙂

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2 thoughts on “From Blogger, to Blogger – with Love

  1. Hey thank you so much for the special mention 🙂
    We really appreciate it! This has definitely motivated us!

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