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D is for Dalahästen

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I decided to stick to the Sweden-theme for a little bit longer. So this week’s Photos from A to Z is dedicated to the Dalahästen – the Dalecarlian Horse or Dala Horse.

This cute little wooden horse comes from the oldest carving company making the Dalahästen – the Grannas Olsson workshop. Apparently it takes 9(!) different people to make a single horse.

The origin of the Dala Horse lies in the province of Dalarna, where I was visiting my best friend.

In the old days, the horse was invaluable – being a hard worker at the farm – but nowadays it’s also a symbol for the Kingdom of Sweden.

It is said that the forerunner of this wooden carving used to be a toy for children – old versions date back to 1624, being cut from a single piece of pine wood using simple tools.

The characteristic pattern is about 150 years old. It is painted using a style known as Kurbits, which is a technique using two colours of paint on the same brush.

Some of the most typical colours used for the horse are bright red-orange or black. I figured orange matched my living room very nicely 😉

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4 thoughts on “D is for Dalahästen

  1. They are really gorgeous, they colours are beautiful as well as the lacquer. So festive and fun too!

  2. Love it – so cute! I have one that I purchased at a Swedish shop here in the US. It was very expensive – it only comes out at Christmas time. Maybe I should keep it out all year long…

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